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But The Listing Said...

Getting inside the minds of home buyers can be a challenge for many real estate agents, but there are some who will take it on with extreme puffery. “Puffery is an exaggerated or extravagant statement made for the purpose of attracting buyers." Here is a look into some comical listing descriptions where puffery gets de-puffed.

Ready to remodel- The house is about to collapse; so be ready invest in a total remodel before you can move in.

Waterfront property- This property drains very slowly after a rain.

Convenient home office- A desk is put in any random room.

Efficiently designed kitchen- The kitchen is so small it caps at a one person occupancy.

Unique views- There is a view of dumpsters and a strip mall from the master bedroom window.

Quiet Neighborhood- It is eerily quiet in a disturbing way.

Wow factor- There are strange and possibly embarrassing items that you can't un-see.

Convenient to local schools- Convenient for lots of school children to teepee your house and leave candy wrappers in your yard.

In-city living- It is not safe to walk in the neighborhood after dark.

In all seriousness, beware of the misleading or downright dishonest things that are said to make a sale. Facts are often spun to generate buyer interest. If you are looking to purchase a home, make sure you contact an agent at COListings who will show you homes that actually meet your expectations.

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