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Whether you've just bought a home, or you're preparing to sell, even the most modest of home improvement efforts can increase the value of your home. And that's always a good thing.

The question is; what should you do to get the most bang for your buck? The answer depends on which category noted above you fit into. Lets briefly discuss both.

You've just bought a home

Typically, those who have just purchased a home stretched their budget to the maximum just to get into the house. That being the case, there are still some relatively inexpensive things you can do to improve your home.

The obvious thing is paint. Nothing does more to improve the look and feel of a home than a fresh coat of paint. So, before you even consider doing anything else, paint. Why? Because a new color on the walls can drastically change your ideas about other things you might want to do down the road.

Of course, if you have the funds to do more than paint, so much the better. However, it's best to live in the house for a while before making final decisions on any decorating or remodeling you do. Reversing a hasty decision once the project is finished can be expensive, and stressful in other ways as well.

You're preparing to sell

The attitude you have to adopt when selling is that the house is no longer yours. It now belongs to the market, and should always be ready to show to prospective buyers. The three most important things to do when putting your house on the market are:

  • Clean and de-clutter
  • Neutralize
  • Depersonalize

Clean and de-clutter

Cleaning and de-cluttering may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many sellers miss this, even though their realtor advised them to do so. A clean, clutter-free property appears more spacious. And more space is always more attractive.


Neutralizing refers primarily to wall color, but applies to overall decor.

Regarding wall colors; if you have any rooms or accent walls that are the least bit out of the mainstream, change them. Even though changing the wall color can easily be done by the buyer, they won't see that when looking at a wall that's painted international orange. They'll just see an ugly wall, and that may turn them off to the rest of the property.

As for decor; if you have furniture or accent pieces that are "out there" you'd best just remove them because they'll have the same impact as the international orange wall.

The more neutral you can make the decor, the more it will feel like a blank canvas to prospective buyers that enables them to picture their own furnishings there.


Depersonalizing means what it implies. Remove things that identify who lives there. Pictures, trophies, plaques, even tooth brushes, partially used bars of soap, and other used personal care items. For prospective buyers, seeing less of your personal items will make it easier for them to picture living there.

These ideas will help your home sell faster, and the faster it sells, the more it will typically sell for. If you're ready to sell your home, we're here to help. Contact Us now. is a Colorado Real Estate Search Engine and home of the best Colorado Realtors® in the state. If you are ready to buy or sell a home in Colorado then you are in the right place.

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