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Bloody footprints, a noose hanging from a tree, silly selfies. These terrible real estate photos prove that not just anyone is qualified to sell your house!

It would help to remove the piles of trash before taking this breathtaking photo of the master bath but…meh…click.

I am sure they are planning to have the bloody footprints cleaned up before showing the house. Wait, why are those there and is that person still in the house?

And here is a picture of a bedroom….I promise it’s there. Maybe taking a class on how to use a flash would help.

This beautiful artwork sure shows off the bedroom.

The watcher room… I’m afraid 5 is a crowd.

Didn’t you hear ghost bathrooms are the new thing?

This guy might need to work on his hiding skills.

And this here is a three bathroom house.

Is this a real house or a horror movie set?

Despite his efforts, I think he is still visible to the trained eye.

I hope they take (and clean) the rug with them when they move out.

Just wanted to bring the outdoors in I guess.

I am sure there is a completely logical explanation for the noose.

What? You don’t collect squash. Weird.

The dog is just adding some value to this home.

Oh please, don’t get up. I will just work around you.

I’m not sure what recipe calls for an urn and surgical tools.

I think you missed the hand! This agent might want to work on his Photoshop skills.

Yes, you captured the use of this space for sure.

This picture totally highlights the outdoor entertaining space.

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