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Homebuyers will most likely request an inspection when purchasing a home. Having too many issues come back on an inspection report are red flags that can threaten the sale. Issues commonly found during home inspections can be fixed beforehand to ensure the sale will make it to closing.

After watching a few Do It Yourself (DIY) shows, some homeowners may try to fix potential inspection issues themselves. Here is a look into those that should have hired a professional.


Electrical issues are one of the most common problems found in home inspections. Make sure electrical outlets work properly and that main electrical and power sources meet quality and safety standards.

A shocking revelation to this electrical genius is that extension cords, power strips and tape might not live up to an inspector’s standard.


Water damage, dripping faucets and plumbing issues can be red flags to even bigger issues within the home.

This homeowner put a valiant effort forth with this home fix, but a professional would probably recommend using pipes rather than a paint bucket to avoid an inspection issue.


Homeowners should look to replace air filters and service HVAC systems to avoid any inspection issues.

Although this DIYer was on the right track, it is important to unwrap the filter to ensure the system is running properly.

CO2 and Smoke Detectors

Other common inspection issues are smoke and CO2 dectors that are missing or not in working order.

This homeowner did install a state of the art smoke detector that doesn’t require batteries, but this fix will likely pop out to homebuyers as a potential safety issue.


Windows should open and close easily. The glass and seals should be free of cracks and glass panels should be free of fog.

This homeowner was on to something matching the silver duct tape to the trim, but neither inspectors or future homebuyers will believe this fix will stick.


Visual signs of pests should be investigated to rule out infestations.

Although this homeowner appears to be a mouse whisperer, a professional pest control service would be recommended by any inspector to rid the home of more unwelcome guests.


Uneven flooring, foundation cracks and basement water problems are all issues that point to costly foundation issues.

This homeowner identified there could be a potential foundation issue they needed to address. Unfortunately, this little piece of wood that could won’t hold up to an experts repair.

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