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The National Association of REALTORS conducted a recent market experience survey®. From January through March 2016, samples of U.S. households were surveyed to capture consumer responses and insight into homeownership, opportunities and market experience.

Buying and Selling

75% percent of people believe now is a good time to buy a home. 44% percent believe that strongly. Only 25% of people believe now is not a good time to purchase a home. With the increase in home prices, those renting or living with someone, those under age 34 and those in urban areas are less confident in making a home purchase, however the majority still believes now is a good time.

56% of those surveyed believe it is a good time to sell a home. 28% believe that strongly. The western markets are most likely to think now is the time to sell due to market values, but also the least likely to think now is a good time to buy.

Pricing Trends

Of those surveyed, 50% believe that their community home prices have increased in the last year. 29% believe they have stayed the same and only 11% have stated they have gone down. Those most likely to report increased prices are in western urban areas.

Location is Key

Over 1/3 of buyers surveyed stated they would prefer to live in a close-in suburb. The reports from younger buyers, those who rent or reside with someone else, are more likely to consider buying in urban areas.


Looking forward, 47% believe home prices will remain the same in the next 6 months. 44% reported they would increase in the next 6 months. Only 9% report a decrease in prices. In general, 48% of people believe the economy is improving and 60% believe that if they are under the age of 34.

Those surveyed in the western market, including Colorado believe that now is a good time to sell, reported increased home prices and believe they may increase over the next 6 months. These trends over the last quarter help to capture consumer outlooks for the market moving forward.

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