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Making Your Home Look Warm is Easy

Whether you're putting your Colorado home up for sale or have just moved into it, you want it to feel comfortable during cold weather. Proper insulation and a furnace that functions efficiently creates a physically warm environment, but you also want your interiors to look warm. You can achieve that by following these decorating tips.

Add Texture

Bare smooth surfaces look cool to the eye, which is why they are best used during hot weather. Texture, in the form of patterns and rough materials, looks warmer. Add patterned or shag rugs on top of bare wood, tile, or stone floors. Cover your sofas and upholstered pieces with furniture throws that are furry or woolen and use lots of pillows. Make sure your bed linens, tablecloths, towels, and window coverings have a repeating design on them. Replace accessories made of ceramic, glass, or metals with ones made out of wood or fabric.

Bring in Nature

Summer denotes pleasant weather and greenery so bring in living elements to warm up your spaces. Container plants that do well in the winter include poinsettias, jasmine, begonias, and amaryllis. Decorate your walls, doors, and windows with wreathes and garlands made of fresh or dried foliage. The sound of running water is scarce in the winter so put a small fountain on top of a table or two as an auditory reminder of warmer days.

Conjure Up Memories of the Holidays

The memories of pleasant holidays can provide emotional warmth. Remind them of childhood celebrations by decorating for specific holidays. When appropriate, set up pumpkins, Christmas trees, or even Valentine hearts. Bake special treats like gingerbread cookies or pumpkin pie so the aroma of delicious food fills the air. This olfactory stimulation will make your visitors hungry, so you can satisfy their taste buds with what you've cooked up.

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