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Denver + Cupcakes = Love <3

Denver living is all about scenic beauty and an eco-friendly philosophy. Throw in a little sugar, and you’ve got the Church of Cupcakes. While the Wall Street Journal is warning that these little sweets may be on their last legs in Manhattan, they still get a lot of love in Colorado.

Porche, the owner, has parlayed her previous experience with the Food Network and local shops into a fresh approach to pastries. She says they make her soul happy like hiking a mountain or kayaking a river. In addition to t-shirts and other retail items and in-shop games, there’s an irreverent menu with selections like Missionary Vanilla and Sprinkle Salvation. They’re all organic and locally sourced.

Six inches of icing? I think not

If you’re tired of dried out cupcakes bigger than your head and buried under 6 inches of frosting, you’ll appreciate the dimensions here. There are mini and medium sized options perfect for sampling. There’s also a commitment to keeping them buttery and moist.

In keeping with the religious theme, you’ll find a tablet of the 10 cupcake commandments stressing baking from scratch, composting, renewable packaging, pasture raised eggs and dairy products, and other green practices. There’s no place to confess your sins. However, you can take shelter behind the curtains of the confectional full of props for taking cute pictures of your visit.

Drop by the shop yourself or let the cupcake tricycle come to you. The fixed location is in a modern condo building at 1489 Steele Street (A few blocks south of City Park) with garage parking. Even though it’s called a church, it’s closed on Sundays. But keep your eyes open. Sunday school baking classes are in the works.

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