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There are many great cities to call home in Colorful Colorado, but Denver tends to hog the spotlight. So we thought we'd spread the love northward and share some of our favorite northern Colorado cities.

Superior, Colorado

While people rushed to other spots in Colorado in search of gold, they settled in what would eventually become Superior to mine for the"superior" quality coal found there. The first mines were developed in the late 1800s and the town was founded in 1896 and incorporated in 1904. After the coal mines closed in1945, the town evolved into a ranching and farming community and later into a family-friendly suburb of Boulder, Colorado.

Residents are well educated; 98 percent of the population has a high school degree and over 70 percent has a college degree. The median household income is above the state average and the unemployment rate is just 5.7 percent. There's not much in the way of nightlife, but the city has miles of open space, public parks, several community events and programs for children and adults.

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Loveland, Colorado

If you're a fan of public art, you'll love taking a stroll through Loveland, Colorado. Over the years, the city has amassed a large, diverse public art collection that you might find exhibited on the way to the grocery store, in residential neighborhoods, in front of banks and offices, and in parks and playgrounds. The city has large community of artists who live and work in the area.

Loveland is near the foothills and rivers, so an opportunity for outdoor recreation is always right around the corner. The newest open space area is Sunset Vista natural Area, a 3500-acre "community separator" between Loveland and Fort Collins.

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Wellington, Colorado

Wellington, Colorado, is"Colorado's Northern Gateway," at least according to a recent branding campaign. But, the town has been playing that role since the 1800s when it was a popular stop-off for wagon trains, travelers and military heading between Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Fort Collins, Colorado.

These days, this Larimer County town has a cost of living below the national average and sales tax of only 6.7 percent. The crime rate is low and the median household income is 10 percent higher than the rest of the state. For people who love the outdoors, Wellington sits in a prime location with Roosevelt National Park to the west, Pawnee National Grassland to the east and open space areas scattered throughout the county.

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Fort Lupton, Colorado

Fort Lupton, Colorado, was known as Fort Lancaster in its heyday as a trading post during the late fur trade era. The trading fort was built on the banks of the South Platte River along a route called Trappers' Trail.

Today, Fort Lupton is a rural community with modern amenities, like a recreation center with a 139-foot waterslide. The low cost of living makes it appealing to young families and retirees alike. The city may feel off the beaten path, but its near two major highways and the Denver International Airport.

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