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Our state is growing at a feverish pace. As Colorado realtors, we are seeing it first hand in the low inventory of houses for sale, soaring selling prices and the declining time on market for Colorado homes.

Colorado is a special place with a unique culture and a lot of things only people who live here truly understand. For all the newcomers, here’s a little of that insider information.

1. You let the mountains be your guide.

Who needs a compass or cardinal points? You orient yourself based on which side the mountains are. You give directions the same way.

2. You eat ice cream year round.

Maybe it’s because of Colorado’s intermittent unseasonably warm temperatures, but it’s not unusual to see people treating themselves to ice cream in the winter. They may even stand in line, outside to get it.

3. You know Casa Bonita is an actual place…in a strip mall.

It’s not just the creation of South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. There’s also a good chance you’ve been there a few times—watched the cliff divers dive from the 30-foot waterfall, taken some old-fashioned photos and had a claustrophobic panic attack in the pirate cave.

4. You like to keep it casual.

Your work attire is jeans and a nice shirt. Your fancy dinner attire is jeans and a nice shirt. Your church attire is jeans and a nice shirt. You have a lot of jeans and shirts, ok!

5. You play outside in the winter.

Maybe you head up the mountains for some skiing or snowshoeing. But, it’s also pretty common to see people in town running or riding bikes outside in the middle of winter. Also the norm: herds of runners out for a group jog. It’s not an after-work race, just one of the many running clubs.

6. You feel super human at sea level.

There’s nothing quite like traveling to lower altitudes and going for a run or bike ride. Another bonus: you’re hangover-immune for a couple days.

7. You know the meaning of a pushed-up pant leg.

It’s not a throwback to LL Cool J or a secret signal. A lot of Coloradoans commute by bike and roll up their right pant leg, so it doesn’t get caught in their bike chain.

8. You’ve sat in the Rock Pile.

Even though you’re a bit far from the action, the Rock Pile offers the best views of Denver’s skyline in all of Coors Field. And at $4.00 a ticket, you really can’t beat the price.

9. You’ve participated in (or watched) one of Colorado’s many bizarre bike rides.

Maybe you’re a regular on the Denver Cruisers’ weekly, themed-rides around the city. Or you’ve gotten an eyeful at Boulder’s naked bike ride to promote green living (and a lack of modesty, apparently.)

10. You can tell when the temperature is about to drop.

When the cold weather is coming, you can tell by the pungent smell in the air—a potpourri of odors from the hog farms and other food processing operations blown in from Weld County on a strong north wind.

11. You know that seasons don’t mean much.

While we’re on the subject of weather, nothing shocks you anymore—not an 80-degree day in February or a snowstorm in May. You’ve gotten used to the unpredictable weather and sympathetic toward the meteorologists who have the difficult job of predicting it.

12. You love looking at the sky.

In Colorado, you get to see stunning sunrises and sunsets on a regular basis, but it never gets old. Colorado’s colorful skies often turn vibrant orange, pink and purple during the early morning and evening hours.

13. You’ve skied scantily clad at A-Basin.

Depending on the snow pack, Arapahoe Basin often stays open into the summer when the air is warm enough to ski in shorts, tank tops or even a bathing suit. You just don’t want to fall.

14. You avoid 1-25 during rush hour at all costs.

Try as they might, Colorado Department of Transportation can’t seem to keep up with the population growth along the Front Range. If you have to commute along the 1-25 corridor during rush hour, you’ve probably been frustrated by a traffic jam more times than you can count. On a positive note: the ongoing light rail expansion will allow more people to opt for public transportation.

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