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If you are considering purchasing a new construction home, you may ask yourself why would you need an agent representing you if the builder will walk you through the process? So, do you really need to use a real estate agent when buying a new build? Theoretically, no. But should you…YES! Here’s why.

They Do More Than Sign Paperwork

Unfortunately, people question whether they need an agent because they don’t understand that an agent does more than just sign some papers to get their commission. We understand there are “those” agents that don’t do much to service their clients, but they make all agents look bad. They are not the kind you would want in your corner representing you.

When you hire a good agent, they will help assess the bigger picture. They will help to answer if new construction is your best choice? Or if a certain development is the one for you. They bring an arsenal of knowledge about the builder and can negotiate the best deal for you. They will dissect each word of the purchase contract and make sure your best interests are served.

Builders Can Be Bullies

No, not every builder is out to take advantage of you but there are many that will have no trouble disregarding your best interests to get a sale. Some builder representatives will tell you not to get your own agent and may even offer you some sort of incentive like a price reduction if you don’t. Hello red flag! Builders have been known to put a licensed agent in the model homes to steer you toward using them. Remember, not all agents are created equal and they are not YOUR agent. The best way to protect yourself is to not even go looking without your agent present. If you do not go with your agent on the first visit, it can be a hot mess to involve one afterwards. But, if you are out on a Sunday afternoon and just want to pop in one, make sure you refuse to sign any paperwork.

Now let’s talk about the good ones. Reputable builders will not steer you away from using an agent nor will they tempt you with shinny upgrades. Instead, they have likely factored in an agent’s commission into the cost of the home and will be more than happy to work with your agent.

They Protect You

If you aren’t convinced yet, watch this news story on new homeowner’s nightmares. They are all dealing with builder defects that were never mentioned or addressed during the builder inspections. To make it even worse, the builder slipped clauses in their contracts to protect themselves and not the homeowner.

A realtor is aware the builder and anyone they hire will protect the builder and not the buyer. A realtor knows about the contract clauses to watch out for and negotiate around. They can also recommend independent inspectors that have your best interests at the forefront and who can make sure you are not buying a home with shoddy construction.

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