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When you decide to sell your house, the listing agent will most likely tell you not to be home during showings with potential buyers. This may lead you to ask several questions. Who will be there to make sure the buyers see everything in your home. Who will make sure nothing gets touched that shouldn’t? Wouldn’t it be helpful to be around to see how potential buyers feel about your house? Or, maybe you just don’t feel like leaving every time. What would it really hurt to linger around? DON’T DOT IT…here's why.

Buyers need space

Home buyers need to feel as comfortable as possible when looking at a potential new home. That includes being able to talk freely with their agent about the home, the price and even purchasing tactics. These conversations cannot be had if they thing you are eavesdropping.

Buyers also need to envision themselves in the home and feel free to look around. If the seller is present, it can make the buyer feel like they are being watched and they don’t have the opportunity to feel comfortable. If they don’t feel like they can experience the a positive emotion in the house, they don’t and they will move on to the next home.

It can hurt your feelings and the sale

There are many things you can hear or say that can hurt the sale. If you happen to hear a buyer make a comment about how much they dislike your custom leopard print wall it can upset you. Everyone has an emotional attachment to their home and if that potential buyer submits an offer and you know the first thing they will do after you close is repaint it all, you may have a problem selling your home to them.

You can also say something you shouldn’t. Like how you hate the loud neighbors beside you and you can’t wait to move. A potential buyer may not make an offer based on that information. These things can hurt your position in the sale or jeopardize it all together.

It’s just plain creepy

You probably aren’t creepy, but the truth is for a buyer it can be a creepy encounter. Agents tell true stories of their buyers walking through a house to find the owner in his sweatpants on the couch. Others found sellers taking a shower or still asleep in a bed. There are also stories of infamous “stalker sellers” who follow buyers and the agent all over the home without saying a word. You can’t tell me that isn’t creepy. These experiences leave a lasting impression and not the good kind.

Trust your listing agent during this process and make sure when there is a showing, run an errand, grab some ice cream or go for a walk. And no, don't go to your neighbor’s house to spy on them through their windows. is a Colorado Real Estate Search Engine and home of the best Colorado Realtors® in the state. If you are ready to buy or sell a home in Colorado then you are in the right place.

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