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When selling a home, you can almost guarantee a buyer will want an inspection. While no home is perfect, there are several issues that can keep your home from selling altogether. Here are the most common inspection issues that can kill your home sale.


One of the biggest issues in home inspections is water penetration. Even a small amount of water can cause big problems that can often lead to mold and rotting. Whether it has flooded a space or you have just a leak, buyers can move on to the next house if they detect water problems. When you know you have water issues, a professional contractor can repair to make sure any water damage is no longer an issue. But, sellers should always be upfront with any water issues and provide the repair and warranty details to make sure the buyer feels comfortable moving forward with the purchase.


A home is more than just a place to live for homebuyers. It’s an investment. Issues with the foundation, supports, walls or roof will be a big red flag for any buyer. These issues raise questions around what problems they might have with the house down the line and if it will turn into a money pit. Structural issues should be repaired before a buyer even sees the home, but some homeowners cannot afford the fix beforehand. If that's the case, provide a detailed estimate to repair and prepare to take a hit on the home price.


Radon is a radioactive gas that is common in many homes. For most homes, the levels are low and don’t pose any threats. When levels are high, it’s very dangerous and can cause health issues. Although mitigation systems can be installed for around $1000, the risk and additional money needed to mitigate could put the sale on the rocks.


Mold in a home doesn’t just cause concern about where moisture is coming from, but also raises health concerns. Many people experience adverse reactions to mold spores and many question a home purchase if mold is found. You can hire professional mold remediation companies that specialize in removing mold and prevent it from coming back. That coupled with identifying and fixing the reason mold formed in the first place, is the only way to keep buyers from walking.


Little critters are a common issue when you own a home, but they can also cause major issues. Termites destroy the wood that supports the home and can cause structural defects. Other unwanted guests like rodents and insects can lead to cleanliness and health issues. If you know you have major pest or rodent infestation, potential buyers will find out and be creeped out. Pest issues need to be addressed by a professional before you try to sell to prevent any buyer freak outs.


Sometimes buyers will choose to walk away from a home because of too many small issues rather than one big one. Buyers become concerned about how the house was maintained and what other issues could arise down the line. Knowing what to repair and update to make sure you don’t have too many little things wrong will ease the buyer's mind when purchasing your home.

An experinced Realtor can help you identify potential issues that need to be addressed so they are a non-issue when you go on the market. There may still be surprises along the way, but your Realtor will help guide you through inspection issues. When faced with problems out of your control, having an experienced Realtor will help to make sure you have the appropriate selling strategy and negotiation skills to get you to closing.

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