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You’ve heard it before. Someone had a horrible experience with an agent that posted a sign in their yard and just prayed it sold. They never returned calls and the seller had no idea what was going on along the way. With stories like that, many potential sellers ask “why should I even hire a real estate agent?” COListings’ agents know that sellers deserve more than that. Here are 6 things agents should be doing for you.

Price It Right

Some agents tend to price a home inaccurately just to get business and make the sellers happy. This can cause numerous issues during the sale. Pricing a home correctly is one of the most important things a great agent does for sellers. That means it should be priced based on training, market knowledge and comparable sales.

Market Like A Boss

It all starts with how your home will look to potential homebuyers. It needs to be clean and staged well to show its value. Your agent should be bringing in a professional photographer to take the listing pictures. Potential buyers will find your home online and if the pictures were taken with an old cell phone, your potential homebuyer pool will be less. Your agent should know how and when to let the world know you are on the market and should use all channels and top notch materials to drive buyers to your home.


One of the biggest complaints against agents is lack of communication. Sellers are eager to know about the process and need to be informed of what is going on during all stages. Not just when an offer comes in. Agents should return phone calls and e-mails to help address any questions or concerns that a seller might be having in a timely manner.


Top notch agents will do anything they can to put their sellers in the best position possible during their home sale. Everything from home price to closing dates should be considered when negotiating what is best for you.

Be Your Number Two

A great agent should be at the home inspection no matter what. Agents can then get the first look and see things in person. This knowledge is priceless when negotiating buyer requests based on the report. The same goes for the appraisal. They should be there to answer any questions an appraiser might have and can provide valuable insight on everything that influences your home value.

Keep It On Track

The stress of selling home can be very wearing on sellers. Great agents know this and strive to reduce the stress by taking care of all the details. Everything from providing contract forms online to scheduling closings where it is most convenient for you, it’s all part of the package you should get from your agent.

Paying a listing agent’s commission sure seems like a lot of money, but when you see what a great one does for through the process you see it’s worth every penny. If you need a great agent to help you through the selling or buying process, contact COListings today! is a Colorado Real Estate Search Engine and home of the best Colorado Realtors® in the state. If you are ready to buy or sell a home in Colorado then you are in the right place.

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