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Since technology has made finding your next home easier than ever, you may ask yourself “why do I even need a real estate agent?” Here are 5 reasons why you should choose a licensed agent as a partner through the process.


Everyone is looking for something different in a home and with low inventory, shopping the same way everyone else does won’t get you the house you want. Agents know exactly what is available and have insights on properties that haven’t gone on the market yet. Agents can save you time by customizing a list of homes that are a right fit for your budget, desired area and personal preferences.


No one wants to overpay for a home or make an offer that is too low and risk not getting the contract. The best agents go out of their way to fight hard for the best terms and conditions for their clients. This is what they are paid to do. Agents know how the asking price compares to market values. They have access to sales information and other valuable data to make sure you remain competitive.


The job of an agent is to protect you. They will guide you through the process, negotiate terms and strategize the process. They represent you during home inspections and appraisals and fight to improve your bottom line. When they step in for you, it ensures your frustrations remain minimal.


You need to know what is going on through the process of buying a home. From the start, an agent with help walk you through the financing process. They can connect you with recommended lenders and make sure you look at homes that you can afford. A good agent will make sure you are asking yourself the right questions. They take the time to explain legal contracts and keep you updated regularly on all events with the transaction.


Many buyers have a home they must sell before they can move into a new one. The sell and buy process can be complicated and you need to have an agent you trust to coordinate and execute it with your best interests in mind. There is no better partner to help you than the one who is also helping you buy. Since a purchase doesn’t usually occur without the sale, it is important that you have someone that linked with the timing and details and knows the importance of each side.

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