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Anyone that decides to sell their house knows that for their home to show at its best, certain things should be put away. But, you would be surprised what some sellers leave out. Before you go on the market, here are 7 things homebuyers are begging you hide.


Some may say taxidermy is an art form that honors deceased animals and gives them new life. This isn’t always the case. For many, seeing mounts and hides in a potential home can be alarming. They can impose an uncomfortable feeling on potential home buyers, and instead of seeing themselves living in the home, they are distracting by the carcasses staring at them.


While you may be a weapon enthusiast, prospective buyers might feel slightly threatened if they walk through a home and stumble upon a weapon. Whether it is a rifle, a knife, or nunchucks, it’s best to keep them out of sight. After all, you don’t want them walking away feeling like they HAVE to buy the house…or else.


Yes, it might come as a surprise, but not everyone has a collection of human skulls, doll heads, dead insects, or creepy clowns. To each his own, just don't display when you are trying to sell.


Despite your political beliefs, you want to leave them out of a home sale. The process of buying and selling a home is complicated enough and bringing right vs. left into the mix could derail a perfectly good deal. Make sure to part with any political signage before you go on the market. ‘MERICA.


Not all noses smell the same. Lighting lavender incense upstairs, with 5 other candles and 12 plug-ins throughout the house does not appeal to buyers. When they walk into a house that overwhelms them with a strong scent, the first thing they ask is "what are they hiding." To avoid this smelly mistake, put the scents away.


If you have traps out to catch unwanted pests, you will want to hide them out of sight from any potential buyers. Then pray to the pest gods that the critters you are trying to catch don’t join the showing appointment.


If it is legal, you might not bother with what other people are thinking when they come across your stash. But, you should still follow precaution so that no one gets into it. It’s better to be safe and stash your stash.

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